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  • 14 Natural Extracts!
  • Before and after foot image
    Before and after foot image
  • Before and after

Includes 14 Natural Botanical Extracts!

Introducing Genie Feet™

Are you suffering from dry, flaky, dull, or dead skin? Rough, bumpy, and dry skin is embarrassing and can age your appearance. All those emery boards, files, and brushes are rough on skin and can be painful! And those salon pedicures are expensive! Search no more with, Genie Feet™ the foot exfoliating cream that quickly and easily removes dry, dead, and flaky skin for a youthful and radiant look! Simply apply Genie Feet™ onto the skin, gently massage in a circular motion, and wipe away dead skin peels to reveal smooth, soft, and radiant looking skin!

It's Great For Everyone & Not Just For Feet!

"Genie Feet™ exfoliates my entire foot! I just put a little bit, massage it into the feet, immediately the dry skin just falls off. It’s amazing! It's quick. It's easy. I absolutely love it!"— Melanie
"Genie Feet™ was so easy to use. The process was really simple. It removes layers of dead skin, and I couldn't believe the results. My feet look fanstastic!" — Leslie

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